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  • Plate Compactor Machine
    Plate Compactor Machine

    Plate compactor is a kind of construction equipment used to smooth and level the earth.

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  • How to choose right Crack sealing machine?
    How to choose right Crack sealing machine?

    Cracks that form in the asphalt need to be addressed as soon as they form. If left unattended, they allow water to intrude to the sub-base, or compacted stone structure. This water softens the compaction of the stone, which compromises the weight that the stone can support. Vehicle weights and stres

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  • How to choose crack sealing machine
    How to choose crack sealing machine

    Asphalt is set to take the construction industry to the next level. It has already to some extent led to a massive improvement in this sector and things are only going to get better. One of the reasons for this is crack sealing machines. These machines are absolutely crucial in extending the lifespa

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  • Small concrete scarifier machine
    Small concrete scarifier machine

    The small concrete scarifier machine is also called a small milling machine, road surface milling machine, floor milling machine or high-speed rail beam surface milling machine; in short, it is a small-scale milling, napping, cleaning, and polishing. Multifunctional light road and bridge machinery;

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  • Why asphalt pavement cracks?
    Why asphalt pavement cracks?

    Asphalt concrete pavement cracks are roughly divided into two types:   1. One is load-type cracks, that is, cracks mainly caused by driving loads. Under the action of vehicle load, tensile stress is generated at the bottom of the semi-rigid base layer. If the tensile stress is greater than the tensi

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  • Concrete cutter
    Concrete cutter

    Concrete saw or cutting machine is an everyday need of the construction industry tool, and also it is essential for cutting and removing concrete and other masonry in a safe and precise manner, and is used often in remodelling and building work. But there are many different types of concrete saw av

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  • The main types of saw
    The main types of saw

    Floor saws: These types of saw are designed to cut into flat surfaces such as slabs, concrete floors and roads, and are mostly used for road and pavement work, along with trenching, joints and demolition work by concrete saw Wall saws: Also called ‘track saws’, these blades are primarily used for ma

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  • What Makes JIEHE Walk Behind Road Saws Unique?
    What Makes JIEHE Walk Behind Road Saws Unique?

    What makes our walk behind Road saws so unique? that it is trusted by construction companies and private construction contractors all over the world? Honestly, there are various reasons. The quality of our road source at JIEHE is maintained at a maximum level as a result of, first of all, our dilige

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  • When to cut concrete with walk behind Concrete Cutter
    When to cut concrete with walk behind Concrete Cutter

    Saw cuts are a used to create control joints in concrete, which help control where cracking occurs due to shrinkage. The cuts should be made at a predetermined spacing and only after the concrete has obtained sufficient strength but before internal cracking begins. Therefore, the timing of saw cuts

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  • What is Walk-behind Concrete Planers?
    What is Walk-behind Concrete Planers?

    What is Walk-behind Concrete Planers?The conflict plane is also known as surface planers or concrete scarifiers function or work buy seemingly chipping away at concrete surfaces.This “chipping ” action is needed especially when repairs are to be carried out. concrete once laid down is relatively dif

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