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Operation Steps of Asphalt Crack Filling Machine

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1. Check the generator (by reference to the generator owner’s manual),Check the control box to make sure every switch is in the "off" position before operating.

2. Turn on the generator. Set the temperature on control box. When it starts to heat, you should adjust temperature of conduction oil and hose heater according to the filling material you use.

3. Fill in the material to the tank heater (One pack at a time, add the required amount as needed, No more than the prescribed oil level), and cover the lid. The normal use of the crack sealing material should be based on the time. You should keep continuous use of the road crack sealing machine because it can improve the heat utilization rate and greatly improve the melting efficiency.

3. Please do pay attention to the temperature rise of the thermometer in asphalt sealer machine because the temperature cannot exceed the allowable temperature of the crack sealing material. If the temperature exceeds the required, it will destroy the sealant material, resulting the clog.

4.Take down the heating gun, turn on the pump out switch to fill the ground.

5.After filling, make sure there is no sealant flowing out, make the heating tube around the machine. Then turn off the switches of generator, hose heater, blender and material pump. At last turn off the generator.

Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine

Notes for the Operation of the Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine


1. The operator of the asphalt crack sealing machine must be trained.

2. Workers should wear reflective overalls when working on the road.

3. Before starting working, workers should check the oil circuit and pipeline connection to ensure no leakage when the crack sealing machine is working.

4. Be careful of the high temperature part of the asphalt crack sealing equipment to avoid burns.

5. When adding the cracking sealing material, pay attention to avoiding the asphalt splash.

6. Add the heat conduction oil, do not exceed the prescribed oil level.

7. When operating the road crack sealing machine, please keep an eye on the condition of furnace and temperature thermometer.

8. If emergency happens, please turn off the power supply engine in time.

 9. It is strictly prohibited to set the thermal oil temperature more

than sealant highest under temperature.

10. Don’t put stones and other debris n to the oil tank of the hot asphalt crack filler machine.











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