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Pressure Washer Maintenance and Tips

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We listed a Pressure Washer Maintenance and Tips on several weeks ago. Here we bring the second part!


Improve a Pressure Washer with a Hose Extension
Most residential pressure washers come with a 25-ft. hose. That means you have to lug the machine up stairs to wash your deck or constantly shut down the engine so you can move the machine as you work. Solve this problem with a 50-ft. extension hose and leave the pressure washer in one spot. (You can buy a 50-ft. extension hose and a hose-to-hose coupler, No. ND10040P from Northern Tool or any home center.) The extra hose will cause a slight pressure and volume drop, but you'll still have enough power to clean most surfaces.

Use Only Cleaning Fluids Designed for Pressure Washers
Pressure washer soap dispensers are designed for dedicated pressure washer fluids only. General-purpose degreasers, heavy-duty cleaning liquids, bleach and acids can destroy the pump. Even if the soap is rated for pressure washer use, make sure it's the right soap for the job—the soaps aren't interchangeable. Vehicle wash soap, for example, won't clean concrete, and the chemicals in concrete soap can discolor alloy wheels and bright metal trim pieces if used to wash your car or truck. For the best results, let the soap set for the recommended time and scrub heavily soiled surfaces with a brush before you rinse.
Finally, never leave soap in the dispenser when you store the machine—it can dry into crystals and cause pump damage. Flush the soap dispenser after each use and pull the gun trigger to run clear water through the pump before you shut it down.

Use the Right Pressure Washer Nozzle for the Job
Pressure Washer nozzle tips are color coded to denote their spray pattern. A zero-degree nozzle provides the most power for really stubborn stains. But that force can etch concrete and brick, blast holes in wood siding, break windows and even rip trim off your car. So test the area first and back the tip away from the surface if you notice any etching or damage. The soap nozzle (which is black) has a large opening to allow maximum water flow through the pump. The high water flow is needed to siphon soap out of the dispenser nozzle. The soaping function won't work with any other nozzle.
·Red 0°: A zero-degree nozzle produces a pencil-point spray with no fan. Use it to blast mud or debris off surfaces from a distance or remove weeds from cracks in concrete.
·Yellow 15°: A 15-degree nozzle produces a slight fan pattern. Hold the nozzle at a 45-degree angle to use it like a scraper when you're removing peeling paint or dislodging other coatings.
·Green 25°: A 25-degree nozzle produces a wider fan pattern that's perfect for removing dirt and grime. This nozzle can also be used as a water broom to sweep debris off a driveway.
·White 40°: A 40-degree nozzle produces the widest fan pattern. Use it to wash delicate surfaces like deck boards, glass and vehicle exteriors.












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