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The different Model of concrete saws or concrete cutting machine has different effect

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concrete saw or cutting machine  is an everyday need of the construction industry, essential for cutting and removing concrete and other masonry in a safe and precise manner, and is used often in remodelling and building work. But there are many different types of  concrete saw available, all suited for different purposes, along with several different sawing techniques. To help you decide what requirements would fit your needs best, then take a look at our simple guide to the different types 

Methods of sawing

Dry Sawing: This method of sawing often produces a lot of on-site dust, making it suited for outdoor projects only. A diamond blade may help to keep the blade cool in the absence of water, and could contribute towards reduction of dust build-up. The dry sawing technique requires lots of small, brisk cuts to be made that gradually become deeper; this is to prevent the blade from overheating.

Wet Sawing: Water helps to lubricate and cool a saw blade, resulting in less harmful dust production and a cooler blade. Not only does this help to prolong the lifespan of the blade, but this technique is more environmentally friendly and kinder to health, as dust contains crystalline silica, which can present health concerns

The main types of saw 

Floor saws: These types of saw are designed to cut into flat surfaces such as slabs, concrete floors and roads, and are mostly used for road and pavement work, along with trenching, joints and demolition work by concrete saw 

Wall saws: Also called ‘track saws’, these blades are primarily used for making openings in walls and other vertical structures, usually to create windows, doors or ventilation ducts. The saw works by being secured onto the target structure, on a track mounted system, in order to cut cleanly, precisely and accurately.  

Ring and chain saws: Both ring and chain saws are handheld, and are used for small to medium sized projects. Their key benefit is their compact design, handy for working in limited access areas with ease. They are perfect for cutting brick, walls, floors and concrete pipes, though there are different types of ring and chain saws depending on the sort of job you are attempting; your professional contractor should be able to advise you on what you will need. Chain saws have an oblong blade, bordered by a diamond impregnated chain, and are most appropriate for jobs where overcuts need to be avoided. Ring saws have a round blade, perfect for cuts in places inaccessible by standard road saws, but that still require deep cutting.

Whatever saw or sawing method you choose, be advised that it’s always best to get a professional on the job,

as otherwise you may end up with poor quality results, and could possibly damage your structure.

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