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This the Season for Asphalt Maintenance Planning

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It is important for property owners/managers to start planning and determining budgets for parking lot maintenance and repair projects for 2017.  We understand that asphalt maintenance planning is not everyone's favorite holiday activity, but if you are properly prepared and informed, it really isn’t as painful as it sounds. As our gift to you, we have prepared a few asphalt budgeting tips that will hopefully make next year a much smoother ride (pun intended).

1.  Understand the pavement life cycle.
When trying to plan your asphalt repairs, it’s best to first understand your asphalt’s life cycle. A properly installed and maintained asphalt parking lot can be expected to last 20-25 years. Every 10 years you should budget for a major restoration of well-traveled areas. If your asphalt parking lot is large, you might consider phasing repairs over a 1-2 year window.
Below is a chart that breaks down asphalt age in stages:

Stage 1 (0-1 Years ): Little or no maintenance is required

Stage 2 (2-5 Years):  Initial Preventative Maintenance is recommended including sealcoating, crack sealing and patching

Stage 3 (5-15 Years): Minor Repairs and Continued Preventative Maintenance should be performed including patch repairs, crack sealing, and seal coating

Stage 4 (15-20 Years): Major Repairs may be needed including extensive patching repairs and asphalt overlay

Stage 5 (20-30 Years): Extensive Repairs or Complete Reconstruction may be needed to include complete removal and replacement of asphalt.


2.  Assess the current state of your pavement.

Now that you have better understanding of the asphalt life cycle, it’s time to assess your own parking lot. What is the current age/stage of your parking lot? Is there visible damage? In what condition is this damage?  How urgent are repairs?


3.  Monetize Repairs.
After your assessment, prioritize what is needed. Urgent asphalt repairs such as sinkholes, upheavals, large potholes, and any other trip hazards or foundation problems should obviously be scheduled right away. Minor issues such as faded asphalt, striping and small cracks could possibly be put off for a few months to a year depending on how extensive the damage is. However, it is important to remind you that preventative maintenance services like sealcoating and crack filling should be done regularly and will help prevent further damage to your lot as well as prolong the life of your pavement.

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