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How can the scarifier machine be used more smoothly?

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    There is a kind of pavement engineering machinery, which is often used for the excavation and renovation of asphalt concrete surface of roads, urban roads, airports, freight yards and other roads. It can also be used to remove defects such as road bumps, oil waves and ruts, excavate road pits and grooves, roughen cement pavement and mill the wrong platform of surface course ----- here, many friends familiar with engineering machinery have guessed. Yes, it's the road scarifier machine or milling machine. Scarifier machine is one of the commonly used machines in modern highway construction and maintenance. Because of its wide application, convenient and efficient construction, it is widely welcomed in the construction machinery market. Recently, Jiehe Machinery received many inquiries from users who bought milling machines. We summarized the problems of milling machines. Basically, they can be solved by changing their use habits and strengthening daily maintenance. Here is a brief share for you, hoping to help you make the use of milling machines more convenient.

    Good maintenance will make the scarifier machine easy to use.

    Any machine can be easily used only if it is well maintained, especially the milling machine. Because many important parts of the milling machine are fixed by bolts, there will be great differences among individuals due to different use environment and maintenance of the milling machine. Only when the clearance, stroke, angle and tightness of key parts are repaired and maintained, can the faults such as oil leakage, air leakage and water leakage caused by loose bolts be avoided, and the milling machine can be easily used without accidents.

    Scientific use of cutting tools can make the use of scarifier machine more convenient.

    The cutter is the main working part of the scarifier machine. The cutter of the scarifier machine is not as intact as the new machine. If it is found that the cutter has more than 1 / 2 or other serious wear, it shall be replaced in time. When replacing the cutting tools, try to ensure that the extended length of the cutting tools is consistent. If the milling cutter needs to be replaced, it is recommended to replace the whole set of cutting tools and reassemble the tools with less serious wear into a set for continuous use, which can not only ensure the road construction quality, but also prolong the service life of the cutting tools and make the milling machine more convenient to use.

    Cleaning and maintaining the scarifier machine can effectively reduce the failure of the scarifier machine.

    The work of the scarifier machine will cause a lot of gravel and dust. If it cannot be removed in time, these oil stains and sharp solid particles will enter the gap of various parts, which is easy to cause friction, blockage, jamming and other faults of various moving parts, and even damage the machine in serious cases. Timely maintenance and cleaning of various parts will make the machine run more smoothly.

    In addition, the scarifier machine and its system and key components shall be maintained as required before working. Only good maintenance can rejuvenate the milling machine in your hand, calmly deal with the work on various occasions and fight for you with high morale.












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