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How to choose concrete scarifier machine?

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Here are some things to consider when choosing a concrete scarifier machine:

1. Type of scarifier: There are two types of scarifiers available in the market: drum and disc. The drum type scarifiers are heavy-duty and suitable for larger surfaces, whereas the disc type scarifiers are more maneuverable and better for tighter spaces, corners, and edges. Knowing the type of surface you would be working on will help you choose the right type of scarifier.

2. Power source: There are three types of power sources available for scarifier machines: electric, gas, and diesel. Electric scarifiers are best for indoor use as they create less noise and fumes. Gas and diesel scarifiers are better suited for outdoor use as they provide more power for larger surfaces.

3. Cutting depth: The depth of the cut is essential to consider as it determines how much material is removed in each pass. If you need a deep cut, you should choose a scarifier with a higher cutting depth.

4. Cutting width: The cutting width of the machine will determine how much area can be scarified at once. Wider cutting widths will be more efficient, but may require more power and be less maneuverable. If you need to work on a larger surface, choose a scarifier with a wider machine. In Jiehe Machinery company, there are 4 kinds of sizes for your choose to suitable your projects and if you will resell, that can meets your different customers’ choose.

JHE Series

5. Ease of use: Choose a scarifier that is easy to operate and control, with adjustable handlebars and depth control.

6. Portability: Consider the weight and size of the machine. If you need to move the machine frequently, a lighter and more compact machine would be ideal.

7. Quality and Service Life: This is the most important point. Especially the drum and scarifier cutters. Jiehe focuses on quality and long-term performance and therefore manufactures products that have a significant service life like walk behind concrete scarifier and self-propelled concrete scarifier that with patent scarifier cutters to provide the longest service life available.

JIEHE Cutters

8. Rental or purchase: If you need a scarifier for a one-time job, it may be more cost-effective to rent a machine. However, if you require it for regular use, purchasing a scarifier may be a better option. In that case, you should also consider the machine's durability and warranty.

Final, Compare prices and features of different machines to find the one that best fits your needs and budget.

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