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What is Mini Skid Steer Loader?

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    If you have a big farm or used for large-scale engineering construction, this machine is a very good necessary helper, which works as efficiently as possible. It called mini skid steer loader. The mini skid steer loader is a machine with a lifting arm, a solid body, an engine, and a variety of attachments for operation. It is maneuverable and flexible. It is mainly used in the occasions where the work site is narrow, the ground is undulating, and the work content is frequently changed. It is suitable for infrastructure construction, industrial applications, dock loading and unloading, urban streets, residences, barns, livestock houses, airport runways, etc.

    This compact powerhouse is built with a super narrow design. You are able to fit in those extra tight spaces,  allows you to fit through garden gates and inside sheds. Built with a 25hp Kubota Engine. This machine is an ideal multi-purpose tool. The upright operator position at the rear of the machine houses a spring loaded operator platform. This gives the driver more comfort and ensures that the machines are compact to transport. The long track frame and rubber tracks makes this machine run as smooth as one could ever wish for over the rough terrain.

    The Mini Skid Steer loader is the perfect piece of equipment for projects and applications with limited space.  With an overall width less than 43.1 inches, this machine can easily fit through most residential gates and pathways with plenty of clearance. JIEHE mini skid steer is powered by an Imported Japanese original Kubota Diesel Engine that helps to make work easier and more efficient and to get any job done right.  Versatility is what makes these Mini Skid Steers so popular.

    Mini skid steer loader allows you to pair it with many attachments you may already own and use, while one loader can for various function. JIEHE mini-skid steer loader can attach different attachments, such as bucket, excavator, auger, trencher, hydraulic breaker, pallet forks, tiller, 4 in 1 bucket, wood chipper, root grapple and so on.That means your Mini Skid Steer can quickly become a Mini Excavator, Mini Backhoe, Mini Sweeper, Mini Tiller or Mini Trencher. To ensure that the work you might do has an attachment to complete. This machine is also the perfect solution for contractors looking for that one piece of equipment that makes financial sense and offers an advantage over competitor.











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