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How to replace the scarifier cutters of a scarifier machine?

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1. Reasons for replacing the cutters.

Scarifier machine is a commonly used machine for leveling road surfaces, which is commonly used for a large area of old road surface damage and loose parts, as well as for areas with accumulated soil and oil damage on the old road surface. The uneven parts are milled out to lay a new layer to improve the smoothness of the road surface. Or in order to better combine the new and old surfaces, it can play a good pulling effect. Due to prolonged use, the blade may inevitably wear or be damaged, requiring replacement. Replacing the scarifier cutters can ensure the efficiency and quality of the scarifying machine.

2. Preparation for replacing the scarifier cutters

Before replacing the scarifier cutters, you first need to prepare a new cutters and the corresponding installation tools. At the same time, you need to turn off the power supply and wait for the roller to stop rotating before replacing it. Special attention needs to be paid to the safety distance during the replacement process to avoid accidents.

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3.Steps for replacing the cutters of scarifier

• Surface cleaning: Use a brush or scraper to clean the surface near the cutters to be replaced, to prevent dust and iron filings from entering the interior of the machine.

• Remove the old blade cutters: Open the cover of the milling machine and use a wrench or clip tool to remove the fixing screw. Be careful not to damage the internal parts of the machine.

• Install new scarifier cutters: Place the new blade into the machine, paying attention to the installation direction and fixing method. First tighten the screws on both sides, do not tighten them immediately. After confirming the installation position of the new blade, tighten the screws.

• Adjust the position of the cutters: Use adjustment screws to adjust the position of the new cutters, ensuring that it is aligned with the central axis of the milling machine, to avoid shaking or loosening during the cutting process. In addition, after tightening the blade, it is necessary to adjust the height of the blade to ensure that the blade maintains an appropriate distance from the working surface.

• Test the machine: Finally, test the machine to ensure that the cutters is installed correctly and working properly.

4. Precautions

1. Before replacing the cutters, be sure to cut off the power supply and wait for the machine to stop rotating to avoid accidental injury.

2. When replacing the cutters, you need to follow the instructions for use of the milling machine to ensure safety and efficiency.

3. A test run is required after replacing the cutters to ensure the cutting effect and safety.

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