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Controlling Dust When Cutting Concrete to Keep Health

Views:15     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-03      Origin:Site

Construction workers and anyone who ever performed concrete cutting knows about their exposure to concrete dust and how harmful may it be to their health. It can lead to serious health consequences depending on the length of exposure.

Everyone involved in the construction industry knows that dry concrete cutting with gas-powered concrete saw should not be used anymore because the exposure level to dust is enormous. Even if you are using an appropriate mask to reduce personal exposures, dust is still filling the work area and risks other workers' health and the entire neighborhood beyond. Also, if you're working in an enclosed construction space rather than an open air, the concrete dust trapped in the space is forcing you to inhale it.gas-powered concrete sawThere are three methods that appeared to be successful for controlling dust when cutting concrete and to minimize its exposure to the environment.

1. Wet Concrete Cutting

The regular use of water controls of gas-powered concrete saws is a clear and effective way to reduce the level of respirable dust. A small amount of water can go a long way toward reducing dust if you have to cut concrete with a circular saw or a diamond blade.

2.Dry concrete saw with Vacuum cleaner

Concrete saw with Vacuum cleaner is new design  in order to reduce the risks associated with dust from cutting concrete. Until now, this is best way to protect worker's health and improve working efficiency

3. Protective Measures

It is important to take some protective measures .This includes wearing masks and using safety glasses. You should know to select a proper mask that is specifically designed to provide protection against concrete dust. Mask filters will become blocked after a period of time and they will need to be replaced regularly. Any other workers on the construction site should be wearing masks too.

Using proper safety glasses is extremely necessary to keep your eyes protected during the cutting process. Not wearing this type of glasses can result in small irritation or permanent damaging of the eyes.

Other safety measures for workers are wearing good quality headgear, proper hearing protection and foot protection.











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