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How to use crack sealing machine?

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    As the road becomes cleaner and smoother and the traffic becomes more and more convenient, there will be serious road diseases such as road cracking and collapse, which will affect the smooth traffic. The use of joint grouting machine reduces the damage of the road and the cost of road maintenance.

    Crack sealing Machine is the lowest-cost with highest-benefit pavement preservation treatment. Labor intensity is saved. The Crack filling machine changes the traditional construction technology of pavement joint grouting, improves the construction efficiency and quality, and prolongs the service life of the road.

    As effective as crack sealing is, it isn’t suitable for every type of pavement distress. Survey your target area(s) in advance. Assess types of cracking, widths of cracks (crack seal works best in cracks 1.5″ width or less), and topography issues, as well as vehicle loads/traffic. Decide areas where you’ll apply crack sealant and what you’ll need to get it done.

    To ensure maximum adhesion and longevity, start with clean, dry cracks. Water is the enemy of pavement and crack sealant. If it’s rained recently or precipitating now, schedule work for another day. Usually, the supporting pavement joint crack router machine is used to excavate and expand the pavement joint, and then the high-pressure dust collector is used to remove the sundries in the joint, and then the joint filling machine is used to fill the asphalt in the pavement joint.

    Use the correct sealant and maintain it properly. Sealant properties change by climate, viscosity, and more. First, look at heating type. Indirect-fired and direct-fired sealants are not interchangeable. You must select them by your melter type. Next, if you swap sealant between jobs, remember to empty the tank completely before adding a different sealant, as mixing two sealants can change chemistry drastically. Finally, make sure to heat to manufacturer instructions and agitate sealant properly. Overheated or overworked material can break down, reducing pot life and causing adhesion issues. Underheated material won’t flow down to the depth of the crack. Avoid clogging, as this can reduce the temperature of the heated material in your tank and delay work.  Add new material in the same amount that you’re laying it down to keep proper flow and application temperature. Too many blocks can also jam agitation paddles in certain melters.

    Take care of your equipment. Having a good-quality melter will make your work better, easier, and safer. And maintained properly, it will last for years to come. Simple mistakes such as adding too much sealant, driving with a full tank of sealant, or driving with the burner on can wreak havoc on your machine.

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