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What is the best Walk-behind concrete saws

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    Walk-behind concrete saws sit on a wheeled base that attaches to a long handle. The user can direct the saw’s motion and control the power output to the blade through controls on the handle instead of crawling along the ground for an accurate cut. However, walk-behind concrete saws are typically more expensive and aren’t suitable for small, precise cuts.

Cutting Methods

    A concrete saw is typically used for dry cutting, but some have built-in water feeds for wet cutting to pump water to the area where the saw is working.

Dry cutting refers to cuts made in concrete, cement, stone, or other material without using a lubricant like water. This method creates a lot of dust, which can be harmful if it’s inhaled or if it gets in the user’s eyes. Dry cutting also wears out the blade at a faster pace, so it’s advised to use water while cutting concrete whenever possible.

Wet cutting is a great way to extend the life of the saw and the saw blades. By adding water to the area where the saw is cutting, the dust produced is trapped, reducing the potential inhalation hazard. The water also acts as a lubricant, cooling the blade and allowing it to move more freely through the concrete.

Depth of Cut

    Consider how deep the concrete saw and the blade it comes with can cut. Some hard materials, like paving stones and tile, aren’t very thick, so a saw with a deep cut isn’t necessary. However, if the saw will be used for working on paved driveways, roadways, or sidewalks, it would be better to invest in a heavy-duty walk-behind concrete saw with a deep cut.

    Depending on the project, the best option for speed, accuracy, and precision is likely a combination between a large concrete saw that can make broad cuts quickly, and a compact saw for corner cuts and angled cuts. Look for a concrete saw with an adjustable depth setting for better precision and control while working.

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